Privacy policy

Collection and purposes of data processing

Takes place during:

  1. You must comply with all applicable legislation.
  2. You will be held responsible for your own actions and those of anyone with access to your user account or user platform settings.
  3. You will need to make regular backups of your content.
  4. You agree that we or our partners send you promotional messages and content.
  5. You can easily opt out of receiving promotional messages by contacting us.
  6. You can give us permission to use your site for our promotional activities, and to determine how the services will be provided.
  7. You agree that Storeino has the right to impose or change pricing offers for its Services. In addition, Storeino may impose restrictions depending on your specific use of the Service.
  8. In general, we expect you to behave pleasantly, and that you avoid doing anything that could be harmful to us or any third party.

the data collected allow us to carry out the following treatments: management of technical and commercial relations, in particular during the creation of a site, setting up of internet functions, orders, requests for information, transactions, studies of traffic via the sites of traffic analysis, sending newsletters.

After expiration of your subscription or trial period, the data and information of your store are valid and saved for a period of :

  1. 7 days after trial expiration
  2. 30 days after expiration of the subscription

after this period we are not responsible for any loss or deletion of your data

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